About Us

We are excited to bring our design’s of vintage floral, and love for antiques to others that enjoy them as much as we do. The Rustic Bloom wants to welcome you to our local hometown shop, we invite you to stop and take look at our selection of antiques and stunning Vintage style Floral Arrangements.  

When we started creating our first floral arrangement’s we wanted to stand out from your everyday floral shop… our vintage inspired design’s did just that. We like to incorporate beautiful birch twigs in all of our arrangements, as they are our signature look. Our selection of stunning hydrangeas and other premium flowers will give your arrangement a unique feel that’s hard to find just anywhere. We encourage the use of vintage style containers in our designs making every arrangement “one of a kind”. Keeping with our hometown atmosphere, another way we like to set ourselves apart from the big box stores is our established relationship with other local flower shops, in and out of state.  This way our customers can send flowers to loved ones near and far just by calling us.
The other big part of our shop is in the antique world. Antiques are our way to connect the past, with the present. Over our many years’ of dealing with antiques, we have found that we truly enjoy when a person finds that one piece they've been searching for…whether their completing the design of a room or an experienced collector that just found a rare piece to add to their collection.  Along with selling antiques at the shop, we offer estate sales’ services.  We like to make this process as smooth and easy as possible for everyone involved.

From inspiration to last-minute 
details, we’ve got you covered.